Screen rotation lock no longer works when zwifting

For the past two weeks the screen rotation lock no longer works while the Zwift app is up.
Device is a Samsung Note 10+ running Android V11 Last system update 1 Feb. '21
Zwift V.1.0.63186

Noticed the same yesterday. I use the Android app on my phone, and I made a DIY solution to use my Garmin Out-front mount, which is set up pretty level horizontally. The picture kept turning upside down, although I turned the automatic screen rotation off. It was really annoying.

I have the same issue. Zwift is running on my Android phone mounted to the handlebar. I use a freeroller for training and the screen rotates continously due to the movement. System level auto-rotation is turned off, but Zwift app rotates the screen anyways. It is very sensitive and rotates rapidly. I consider it is a bug.

I don’t think this has ever worked - it has always forced landscape but flips to whichever way the screen is facing.

have you tried using a screen rotation app? I have used this one before:

not for zwift but i use it to flip my screen upside down when using the companion app so that the charging cable comes out of the phone and away from the bike