Companion App is auto rotating upside down?

Anyone else experience this? It just keeps flipping upside down as you rotate phone. Using Galaxy S10.

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The ZCA will not display sideways.

It’s always displayed sideways fine for me. It’s just upside down all of a sudden.

The Companion App doesn’t have a sideways display function. You’re probably using one of those force orientation apps. Make sure it’s set up correctly.

I guess it could be a native orientation app in the S10 as I didn’t install anything. At any rate, I updated the Zwift app and it’s right side up again.

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First Day with Zwift, installed it on my Huawei P20…initially it was correct orientation, but after trying to get the sensors to work (doubt that has anything to do with it) it decided to be upside down, and stay that way, despite me switching off auto rotate on my phone. Each time I rotate my phone, Zwift flipped to be upside down again :frowning:

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I’m experiencing the same thing on Android. The orientation all of a sudden is upside down. It was working correctly for a few days. Now no matter what I do it’s upside down. very annoying!

Of no consolation I’m sure, but my problem is now fixed. ZWIFT was last updated on my phone 13th Feb 2020, so perhaps that fixed it.

I rebooted my Android device. And that fixed the problem.

Thank you for your help.


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I only installed Zwift today 6 May 20 and found the companion app on my Galaxy S10 plus phone flipping upside down no matter which way in landscape my S10 was placed. I had to complete a ride by rotating my head to see the app images.

The manual workaround after the ride was to disable the auto rotate option in the Samsung Galaxy S10. It does seem strange the app does that on a brand new version of the app downloaded and installed the same day I first used it when apparently earlier posts suggest the issue was fixed with an earlier update.

Maybe I will try the reboot option too but for now, I know disabling autorotate prevents the issue. Sounds like a bug to me though.

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Okay sounds basic. Was having the same upside down issue…all of a sudden… tried the basic solution of powering down the phone… was pessimistic but voila. It worked. At least for now. Thanks.

After an update to the app I had the same problem on a Galaxy Note 10. Rebooting seems to have fixed it.

Download “Rotation Control” from Android market. Then turn on and allow app to start. Than move with fingertop of screen to see notifications. Than switch to landscape but also turn that icon with Shield on. The shield icon is forcing to ignore sensor. Good luck with that, work for me with Note 10+.