Companion App and 'flipping a U'

Been using Zwift since November 2018 and the Companion app since it came out.

All the features of the Companion work just fine - especially in Dashboard (so RideOns, camera angle, snapshot, route change, etc) but the one thing that doesn’t work is the U-Turn. I simply cannot Flip-a-U using the app and have to lean forward to my laptop to hit the “down arrow” button.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8, completely updated.

Any ideas?


Hi Marty.

In the companion app you have to hold the U-turn for a little bit for it to react, I think this is done so that you don’t do a U-turn by accident. Try it and let us know if it worked.

I have a keyboard on my handle bar so I only use the down arrow, so I did not test the companion app u-turn in some time.

Yep, works on my S9 by holding the icon down for about 2 seconds. However, it drops me out of the app and back to my launcher. I don’t know whether this is a general problem or specific to my setup.