Turn commands flaky when using Zwift Companion [July 2022] [3.37.0]

I’ve noticed that the interaction between Zwift Companion and Zwift itself when it comes to the left/right/go-straight commands as well as the U-turn command are very very flaky.

Currently I’m running Zwift Companion 3.37.0 (1258) and Zwift 1.27.0 (101324) and what I notice is the following:

  • U-turn command from Zwift Companion does not work at all
  • Turn commands sometimes do not work at all
  • Turn commands sometimes work only once (can’t change after making a choice)
  • Turn commands sometimes work normally (can change multiple times before hitting a turn)

It seems that with the latest update of both Zwift Companion and Zwift this functionality is broken and that’s kind of a bummer.

Is there a way to downgrade my Zwift version and/or Zwift Companion version?

If you’re on Android, it’s possible to sideload an older APK of either/both. Companion app being the easiest. This wouldn’t be supported or recommended by ZHQ though.

Yeah, I noticed this too. The direction arrows appeared but pressing them didn’t affect the direction in game. Reloading the companion app seemed to help bit not sure how long for as I didn’t try and turn untill near the end of my ride.

I might try that. Mostly I’m on iOS so side loading won’t work there unfortunately :man_shrugging:

Left and right buttons seem to work. Straight and U-turn don’t.

For the last couple of weeks, the U-Turn button on Companion seems to take two long presses (rather than one) to register and turn my avatar.

I also had the issue today where the straight direction button on Companion did not work despite multiple presses. I used the mouse on the computer running swift to register the direction change.

I did many many many uturn attempts today in companion and got nothing

U-turns work for me (well, the 3/4 I tried) but intersection changes are hit and miss. Android Companion App.

Same for me in London and know of another user saw it in Watopia.

left and right are fine but you can never select straight ahead from companion.

Running on iOS with Zwift on PC or ATC makes no difference.

If anyone from ZwiftHQ or Zwift Dev Team is reading along, I’ve found this in the logs:

[14:30:48] Manual Selection Branch - Direction STRAIGHT at Marker 0 on Road 0 

[14:30:54] Route decision completed!

[14:30:54] Actual Intersection Marker Id: 0, Route Intersection Marker Id: 0, Route:   Big Loop, Current Lap: 0, Route Complete Distance: 4260380.0000, Intersection Index: 0, Check Point Index: 1

[14:30:54] Route Decision State: OFF ROUTE, Script Turning Direction: LEFT (1), Actual Turning Direction: STRAIGHT (3), Script Moving Direction: FORWARD, Actual Moving Direction: FORWARD

[14:30:54] Allow U-turn: YES, Force Follow: NO

[14:30:54] Route Decision: Staying on same road

So Zwift did receive the command that RoadCaptain sent it but it chooses to then ignore it and staying on the same road as the last log entry indicates.

Corresponding RoadCaptain logs:

2022-07-24 14:30:40.446 +02:00 [DBG] Received command type TurnLeft
2022-07-24 14:30:40.457 +02:00 [DBG] Received command type GoStraight
2022-07-24 14:30:40.463 +02:00 [INF] Game state changed from OnRouteState to UpcomingTurnState
2022-07-24 14:30:40.467 +02:00 [DBG] Transitioning from 'OnRouteState' to 'UpcomingTurnState'
2022-07-24 14:30:40.472 +02:00 [INF] Executing turn "GoStraight" onto watopia-bambino-fondo-002-before-before-before
2022-07-24 14:30:40.477 +02:00 [DBG] Sent 27 bytes, 27 sent so far of 27 total payload size
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This is really really annoying to the point of ruining my riding. the turn buttons don’t work in the companion app.

any update on this? is anyone looking at it?

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@James_Zwift any update on this?
Does it have visibility with the dev team?

I can reliably reproduce it so if there is need for more details / repro steps then let me know.

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Sorry - I haven’t been involved in this. I’ll make sure that they’re aware (Shuji may have already highlighted this)

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I posted this in the update thread as I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading this one Game Update 1.27 [July 2022] - #111 by Chris_Holton

Update: we’ve been triaging this issue to determine possible root causes.

We’ve determined it’s not related to encryption. We’re continuing to track down this bug in other pathways.

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I’m very sure it’s not related to encryption as the logs show that Zwift receives the expected command all right.

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And all other commands work (left turn, right turn, u-turn etc)

One workaround I use for this is to use the remote muse app (turns your phone into a touchpad) you can then select the turns on screen.

far from ideal obviously

I had this issue tonight. Joined D. Draft but didn’t want to ride up the volcano, so navigated away from the pace partner. From then on I wasn’t able to make any turns with the companion app running on my iPhone 11. Eventually realised I could still make turns using the Apple TV remote :person_facepalming:

I had no luck making U-turns using Companion on iOS. Didn’t try other turn types or methods.