Zwift Companion App-usefulness

I use an android- Note 10. I attempted to do a “u-turn” last night and the app was totally unresponsive. Can anyone tell me what did I do wrong? The app seems like it is only good to see where I am when riding and give ride ons. HELP!

When you do a u-turn with the companion app, you need to keep pressing the u-turn button for 2-3 seconds before the u-turn happens. This is to prevent accidental u-turns.

Maybe that’s the issue you were facing?

Hi @Tamika_Walker! Welcome to the forums! Another issue that I once had was that I was trying to do the u-turn on a really steep section and I had slowed to less than 3kmh. It turns out you have to be going faster than that for the u-turn to work. Just a thought - in case it’s relevant for you.