Cool down and 2 other questions

I am new on here and I have 3 question.

  1. On Companion App how long do you have to hold the u turn button. I could not make the u turn.

  2. the square button. Is that to stop? If so how does it work?

  3. Is there a cool down button or something? When I finish, it shuts down. How are you guys cooling down? I usually need 10 minutes,

Hi @Gabriel_Grigonis1

Welcome to the zwift forum.

  1. It is only a few seconds, less than 10. You can’t make a u-turn if you are slower than 5km/h. for more info see how to make a U-turn

  2. Yes that is a stop button (I never use it, i prefer to go to menu and end ride). If you decide you want to end your ride, you can through the app—simply by tapping and holding the Stop button at the bottom of the screen. for more information see zwift companion app

  3. When I am done with my workout or race it continue riding until I am cooled down.

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Thank you for making that incredible easy. The linked help me also resolve other issues I did not understand.

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You are welcome.

Let us know if you have more questions.