Sweaty U-Turns

I was 3/4 of the way up Fuji today and had a drop of sweat trigger a u-turn on the Companion app on a phone mounted in a holder on my bars. The screen went from orange to blue—usually a good thing but not this time!

First time this happened to me I was almost at the top of the Alpe and didn’t know to hit A on my laptop to slow down to do another u-turn. This time I salvaged the ride and finished, though without getting an official time. I’m going to move the phone holder left of the stem to see if that helps but do wish that Zwift would put the row of critical buttons on the Companion app up at the top of the screen to avoid this problem. Yeah, first world problem, I know!

Usually the U-turn takes time (you have to hold the button down) for a while for that to take effect.

I have a phone mounted on Quadlock on the stem of my kickr bike as well for the companion app.

I haven’t had the unintended U-turn but I find sometimes taking screenshots with the companion app difficult because the buttons often change depending on what is happening on screen, so the screenshot button moves or my position in the row of buttons changes when the focus moves back to start of the row. That’s annoying.

Thanks, Chris. Curious that you have to hold the button down. I might try slanting the phone a bit more. Or maybe it’s time to invest in a stronger fan. :wink:

450mm industrial fan is a must! Cheap one from the hardware store is all that is needed, no need to pay cycling tax for a specific cycling trainer version.

“Vacmaster cardio” is top fan

I’m guessing the drop of sweat, if it stays on that button, is like holding the button down for a while?

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Back when Zwift still used the phone as the steering device for Repack, and also for the Wahoo STEER device on RGT, I solved that problem with a couple pieces of plexiglass, taped into a box shape just big enough to cover the phone.
My first iteration was actually a piece of plastic packaging that was just the right size to cover the phone and have some on the top and side to keep it in place.
I could see through the cover, and also move it out of the way to access the phone if I needed.

Depends on how sensitive your phone screen is. Mine isn’t that sensitive and I don’t sweat as much.

I’ll try knocking down the sensitivity of the screen. It’s an older iPhone of my wife’s, no longer of any value, that I decided to use because I was worried about sweat on my newish one. Thanks!

Hi @Peter_Starr, Thank you for using this space to share your concerns!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I understand how important will be to stop this issue from happening in the future, as @Chris_D9 suggests, it will be great if you try to adjust how the iPhone responds to your touch, you can get some information on how to perform this by following these steps of Apple support.

Let us know how it goes for you!

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