Sweat and phones or tablets - what's the best solution / model

A general question on waterproof or sweat-proof tablets or phones for running the Zwift Companion app during cycling sessions. Is there a recommended manufacturer or model that Zwift cyclists use more than others, perhaps, that remain reliable if they get sweat on them?

Or do I have to resort to a cover that will still register touch?

Recently I tried a tablet that suffers from two problems: (i) my sweaty finger press is often not registered and worse (ii) a drop of sweat falls on the screen and triggers a seemingly random set of button presses, e.g. continuous “ride-ons” and on one occasion a follow request to another rider - completely randomly!

This may not be a problem for those that don’t sweat much, so lucky you!

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.


Check out Quad Lock cases, it’s a slim enough case for day-day use of my phone + a nice handlebar mount to keep the companion app close by.

Thank you James. I am taking a look…