Companion App - Standalone for workouts

Now that the Companion app has a distinct Workout screen, will/can the next step be using the Companion app for workouts without Zwift running on another device?

When doing workouts, I have my phone and ipad in front of me; phone for the companion app and the ipad for watching movies. In order to do workouts with this set-up, I need to have Zwift running on another device. (Those who use the companion app for the workout screen are usually doing something else rather than the mind-numbing act of staring at a workout screen).

Further, I now have a HammerHead Karoo. It runs Android and, theoretically, it can run the Zwift Companion App. Would be really cool to have the Zwift Companion on my bike computer!

Can you just run Zwift (the game, not the companion app) on your phone? Maybe you have an Android phone and no Zwift app for it then?

I have an iPhone, but the screen is too small to see the watts and duration of the workout (and I don’t need or care to see all the pretty graphics when using workouts). The workout mode in the companion app brings the Zwift experience closer to TrainerRoad for workouts. But you do make a great point that those with an Android phone would be able to use the workout setting without using a computer or iPad.