Is it possible to use zwift in “companion” mode?

I watch tv during my workouts and I use my phone on the handlebar to run my zwift app, but the UI is way too small, I’ve been trying to get an interface like the one in the companion app (cadence, watts, and time) but it is either not available or I can’t find it.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance!

No, I’m afraid that there’s nothing there for that. And if you try running the Companion app while putting Zwift in the background,. you’ll almost certainly find that the main app won’t behave properly like that.

I see, thanks!

Time to look for another application I guess :frowning:

If you are just watching TV, why do you need an app like Zwift or RGT? If you aren’t paying any attention to it, then what’s the point of running it in the first place?

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The training programs and the (poor) integration with the apple watch, but, yeah, as I just said, I think this is not the app for me, I’m trying Trainerroad next, that sounds a bit more like what I’m looking for.

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