Workout creator through Zwift Companion App

I’m an average cyclist that rides only for fun and health. I’ve being using Zwift for almost a year and I’m really happy with the whole experience and with my general gains. At the beginning I’ve used my iPhone to run the game until I got my new AppleTv (I bought it only for Zwift! :$) and is great that now I can use my phone for the Companion App. But it’s a shame that I can’t create my own workouts in the Apple TV App and I need to run Zwift through my phone to create and do my specific works.

I think it would be a great idea the possibility to plan / create / select in advance the Workout through the Companion App for all the platforms. I really don’t know much about programming but if I can select and join to an event in my phone and run it in the Apple tv or a computer, is it not possible to plan / create / select my workout in my phone too?

If that’s possible, I would name the feature Workout Planner instead of Workout creator and even the Companion App would be a new COMPLETE experience for all Zwifters :wink:

From my point of view, that would be the perfect complement for the Companion.