Using the Zwift Mobile App

Alright, here is what I’m looking for: an ability to run the Zwift mobile app without a smart phone (I don’t have a phone, and am not interested getting one and the associated monthly charges when I have no intention of using the phone part of it).

As it is right now, I am using the CycleOps Powerbeam Pro Ant +, my 32" flat screen set in front of me, and a stand beside me atop of which sits my laptop within easy reach. From the keyboard I can use the spacebar to take advantage of those “boosts” that come when you pass through a check point. I can hit the F10 key to snap a photo (but only one – it save anymore than one to my photo file). And I just yesterday managed to do a U-turn by hitting the DOWN arrow key (although I couldn’t do that before; I had the screen resolution set to 1080 before, and yesterday lowered in to 720. Perhaps this was the problem.). But I still can not hit the keys that will give “Ride Ons!” and other shoutouts – they simply do not work when I tap them, instead they function as the laptop would if I weren’t running Zwift.

So I want a dedicated device for the sole reason of running the Zwift Mobile App. I’m not a tech guy by any stretch of the imagination, and I am curious to know if there are devices out there (beside a cellphone) that I can buy to mount of my bike and use the app with. Perhaps something like an iPod Touch or something less expensive like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite??

I purchased a Dell Venue 8 (Android) tablet for about $90 from Best Buy and the Zwift mobile app worked very well on this device.  Being larger than a phone, it was very easy to work with and read.

If you go on group rides and want to interact with other riders frequently, an Android tablet seems like it might be a good choice for you as it’s way less money than an Apple product and will do the same thing (in Zwift). 

You might want to make sure the Android device is compatible with your CycleOps trainer.  In my case, I ride a Wahoo Kickr and the Wahoo app was not compatible with an Android tablet, so I couldn’t use it to upgrade the trainer’s firmware or perform spin-down calibration (grrr.)

I don’t typically ride with others at the moment, so I didn’t see much value in using the tablet in addition to the laptop, so I returned the tablet.  Having the tablet was just one more thing I had to keep charged and one more thing I had to login to and setup, so the “extra hassle factor” wasn’t worth it for me.

For “Ride-Ons” via the laptop, the only way I’ve found to give them is to click on a rider in the rider list on the right which will change your view to view that rider (instead of yourself).  You’ll then see a “Ride-On” button near the top of the screen, below your stats.  That’s not the most convenient way to give a ride-on, but it is possible. 

But would I have to buy a phone plan with a wireless carrier to download and use the Zwift mobile app, or could the new tablet be a “WiFi Only” one? That’s what I’m looking for, something I can use without having to dish out a monthly payment.

Wifi only will work I use my none  Cellular iPad 

Most tablets don’t access the mobile network and Zwift just uses wifi it doesn’t use mobile. 

So a cheap Android tablet, or iPod touch would work fine. 

Is anybody actually using an IPOD Touch to run the Zwift App? I’m very close to buying a Touch, and would be happy to hear for sure that it works before I go ahead and make the purchase.