Companion app working but not directions


Fairly new to this Zwift thing. So forgive newbie question.
Running on new Wahoo Kickr direct drive turbo.
Latest version of Zwift app currently running on android tablet, and latest Companion app on android phone.
All works well in the companion except the directional stuff. So can wave, change view etc, but not turn round, turn left/right etc.
Is this because I am using two android devices?



To turn around you have to hold down the screen icon. To turn when you get the main direction, tap the bottom of the screen and it should pop up route direction icons.

Thanks Jason.
I’ll give that a try.
Seems odd that the same directional stuff on the main Zwift app is short press/immediate, but the companion needs long press, :man_shrugging:

I think it is by design, an accidental push of the u-turn button can prevent you from getting a route badge for example, so we need to long press on the companion app to help prevent things like that.

I should also rephrase my above post, for turning on roads for directions, you would need to tap the zwift game screen, not the companion app