Companion app working but PC app shows me sitting still

Hi, I’m brand new to Zwift.

My setup is: Windows 10 gaming PC with a large monitor, Android phone - and Wahoo Kickr trainer.

I launched Zwift on both my Android phone and my Windows 10 PC. I let my phone pair (bluetooth) to the Wahoo trainer sensors, and started my ride on the companion app (well it put me through the ride tutorial since this was my first time using it for cycling).

On my PC I also logged into Zwift, but told it to “Watch Only”, so I didn’t connect it with any sensors (maybe I was supposed to?)

I started riding, and everything was fine on the Android phone/companion app. The PC app however, still showed me sitting still on my bike at the starting area. It never updated or anything the entire time. It also didn’t show any zwifters nearby if that helps, it only had my name on the right side.

So I assume I am doing something wrong. I do want to control it all from the companion app since I can’t use my PC from my bike. Is there a certain order I should log into the apps?

Do I need to pair the sensors to BOTH my PC app and the companion app?

Or did I do everything correct but because this was the first ride (the tutorial) maybe that’s why the PC app didn’t work? Or was view only the wrong option?



Didn’t think Zwift support would get back to me so quick so I also posted this here, but they just emailed me back. Here was my issue in case anyone else has the same problem. Turns out I was using the zwift app instead of the zwift companion app on my phone, doh!

From what you’ve said you’re launching two instances of the Zwift Game app (orange box, and white Z on Mobile).You should only have one instance of the Zwift Game app running at a time. The Zwift Companion app has a Blue Box and White Z in the Google and Apple App stores.

Having two instances of the Zwift game app (ZG) will have any progress you make over written by the instance where no progress was made. Resulting in a complete loss of any ride data (EXP, Drops, Distance, Elevation, etc.).