U-turn not working after Event ride [1.42] [June 2023]

Updated action bar has issues after an event ride.

I did a group ride this evening, and after the ride completed, I had no access to the U-turn or intersection navigation buttons in the companion app.

Also, the video capture button was always grayed out (whole ride, event and after), but appeared to work.

Companion app v3.47.0 on Android
Zwift 1.42 on iPad


Thanks for flagging this up. I split your report to a dedicated thread about the updated Action Bar.

my action bar u-turn works.
But the down arrow for u-turn doesn’t work.
(Neither did the climb portal today)

Interesting @Zee_Kryder.
We haven’t successfully reproduced this U-turn bug so it isn’t fixed yet.

Climb Portal hasn’t been released yet either, so not being able to ride that is expected as well.

I wasn’t expecting the climb portal but…
It was in my “for you”…it took me to France.
The kilometer was there at 2.5 km
When I got to the turn I went straight and there were construction barriers there.
Maybe the “Start climb portal” was set up too early?

Not sure exactly when it started working correctly again, but the last couple rides I’ve done, the nav buttons were on the companion app action bar again after the group ride finished.

There was a companion app update about a week ago, but don’t know if that was when it started working.

Just FYI, I exited repack yesterday and steering and u-turns didn’t work.

I made the action bar appear with a mouse and then dismissed it and steering and u-turn worked again.

Possibly linked to the UI taking control of input which is what seemed to be the issue with drone camera mode and text UI with arrows keys lately?

my uturn button is working now