Running Shorts Wrong Style/Colour [1.34]

After today’s 1.34.0 update (ATV) the style/colour of running shorts changed mid-run. I tied to change them back to the original style/colour after the run only to discover that none of the shorts in my garage matched the style/colour shown.

Hi @S_ussex_Geezer
Thanks for the report. I verified on my end that your AppleTV was indeed in 1.34 for today’s run on the Chili Pepper Reverse route.

Is this also the case when you log in on your Mac? I noticed you have one of those too. Any chance you can take a screenshot of the shorts you’re seeing and drop it in your reply?

All my iOS devices have updated to 1.34 except for my MacBook which is still the previous version. I change my shorts back to the original basic black on my MacBook after the run. Now when I return to the ATV game version everything is back to normal and strangely I can’t find the shorts that my avatar defaulted to during the latest run, weird. I was definitely not hallucinating :joy:. Perhaps they may have been shorts that I never earned in-game or that have not yet been released; from memory they were black with red panelling sides/front, sorry I don’t have a screen shot.

Let’s hope it was a one-off glitch. :man_shrugging:
If it happens again on either ATV or mac - please do take a screenshot?

Once in a blue moon i see this behaviour. Last time i ended up wearing a plain vest in a colour not in my garage.

I just put it down to a glitch with the colour palette. I’ll check my screenshots to see if i captured it but i can’t remember how long ago it was.

The amazing morphing shorts. Started in No6 Black ended in Hoka and the garage selection options were totally mixed up after the run. The two from the garage show me trying to select others.

So this issue came back? Is this on your AppleTV, or the Mac?

Yes it came back. Shorts gradually changed to different style/colour as I ran. All my activities are on the ATV.

When customer support asks you to post a picture of your shorts, you know there’s a problem.


Pictures > 10000 words.

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Same thing happened in my run this past Monday on AppleTV. Shorts went from blue (IIRC) to yellow throughout the run. I believe my shirt also changed colors.


OK so this morning I got 1.34 on my Windows 10 setup.
And yep my jersey and shorts colours went haywire.

I’ve detailed it in pictures below but I’ll run through the diagnostics.

To start my shorts should be pink and the jersey yellow but they were like this.

They clearly are discoloured so I went to see how they looked in the garage.

However change to a vest and it’s fine.

At some point the shorts changed back colour. Seemed to be something to do with the change from daylight to night.

Then I changed back into the yellow jersey.

And as the run continued the black part of the jersey got higher and higher

Unfortunately at this point I got no response from trying to take more screenshots. Pressing F10 or clicking the camera icon in game didn’t work.

However the jersey continued to turn black from the waist upwards, interestingly the writing on the back moved up with it. I used my camera phone to demonstrate.

After I finished the run I saved it and started a new run but the thin black line was at the bottom of the jersey.
I exited Zwift and ran it again. Same result.
I restarted Windows. Same result.
I installed Launcher 1.1.7. Same result.

So another day and it wasn’t a one off.

Today I logged on and went into the garage. Within 20 seconds I could literally see the black starting to creep up the jersey. As the run went on it got higher and higher before the entire jersey was black. Then it started to go yellow from the bottom upwards.

My shorts likewise started pink and then went pale blue with white panels on the side which in turn got higher up.

Quite entertaining really and breaks the monotony of my daily run.
Pics in sequence…

Same result today, interestingly i passed a fellow runner who’s jersey was at the exact same point of transitioning from one colour to another.

What’s going on with clothes changing colors while running?



Thanks for the corroborative report and images. I’ve let the team know.

Just want to add another observation to help narrow down this bug. It only affects some male Zwifters. No females appear to be affected.

It been happening to me too since the last update on a Windows 10 PC. No correlation to time of day (Zwift time) or location. Start with a yellow/purple shirt/shorts and end up with orange/blue. Same color switch every run.

same on my Android phone. Besides, in my garage, icons on left side do not match what I am wearing.