Game Update 1.34 [April 2023]

UPDATE April 13
More Windows users will see the 1.34 update available today.

The next incremental rollout will happen Monday, as we try to avoid Friday releases whenever possible.


We’re gradually rolling this update out across all platforms over the next few weeks, and most Windows users should have it by the end of next week (April 21) unless we observe any unexpected issues.


This release does not yet support native Apple Silicon. We’re actively working on it though and are eager to get this out to you as soon as possible. We’ll share an announcement when it’s ready to go live.

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When will Mac users get this? So far I’m still on the old version.

@evan-zwift all these new features coming to Zwift are fantastic but I have to ask just one thing…

When oh when will we get a rider shadow on M1 macs?

Watching GPLama’s latest YouTube video and seeing that rider shadow makes a big difference. (to me anyway).


Is it unrealistic to think we will get the shadow back soon?



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UPDATE April 17

Zwift version 1.34 is available to more macOS / iOS / AppleTV devices today. If you see anything that doesn’t seem right - please flag it up in this thread.


Still not seeing it on PC or Android

It is still phased in.

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I observed parts of the scenery disappearing and reappearing in the beginning of the route Country to Coastal after the 1.34 update.

That is a known issue: Entire buildings and objects disappear

It may be, but now it looks worse because in this specific part it didn’t happen in 1.33.6

We do plan to enable better shadows on more devices including M1 (and newer) Macs, just making sure we do it right so that it doesn’t impact game performance. Stay tuned!


I seem to be on the 1.34 blacklist for my macOS devices.

From July 2020! When does a known issue just become part of the game?


Is that also the plan for Android devices?
We also have no shadow and pretty crappy images :sleepy:

Update April 18
We’ve rolled out to more Windows / iOS / Apple TV / Android devices.

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I got it today - seemed like it all worked as expected.

My rider score is about what i’d expect it to be - seems odd not to show the level score too as that is the one that is actually useful for something but i suppose most people’s will be the same so not a huge issue


Just curious. Is anyone else having an issue where the orange menu button doesn’t disappear when riding? Since I did the most recent update, my orange menu button is stuck in the corner of my screen. Any help to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I noticed that on my latest couple of race videos