Rides saved at the end - but not saving

Hi - I have done 3 rides in the last week , saved them at the end of the ride (SAVE & EXIT), yet they have not saved to my profile , they are also not uploading to my strava account even thought its showing as connected in my profile > has anyone else had this problem ? help Thanks Ava

Do you have open zwift sessions on a different device maybe, a iphone or ipad perhaps?

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no every ride i have done has been on the same laptop connected to the TV

Could be a network failure then. Restart your wifi router and modem.


If they haven’t shown shortly after completing a ride, then my experience they never will.


gutted :frowning:

Hi @Ava_Brown_Clancy_Bri welcome to Zwift forums.

Were these brief rides? Rides need to be 2 km (1.24 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km to upload and save to your ride history.

The other common reason is flaky internet / WiFi when you’re saving. Rebooting your DSL / cable modem and WiFi router regularly to develop.

20 mile rides each time

In my case i rode a Richmond - Ceramicspeed mission 35 km and when i finish and save ( using PC and Android) there was NO km added in my Companion app and in the mission BUT
the XP, level and the badges of the finish route are shown correctly.

Thanks for eliminating the minimum distance as a possibility.

I looked at several of your partial log files saved to our server over the past week, and in each instance, there’s evidence of network disruptions. Typically, this means WiFi issues within the home. I took each log.txt file and uploaded them to zwiftalizer.com. This is a third party site that diagnoses your log files.

You can verify with the complete log files on your computer, and here’s how to find them.

This type of disruption in your WiFi (or problems further upstream with your ISP) will cause your sessions not to save and upload at the end of your ride. Here are some steps you can take to improve that..

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Hi, I have just had exactly the same issue as you describe: Completed the ride, checked a new badge, checked the workout I was on was completed and then saved and exited… and the ride is gone! I have had a couple of brief (5-10 sec) drop-outs during th ride - where my wattage disappeared, but the same happened on Tour For All Stage 4 yesterday and the rise saved without an issue…? I’ve logged a support call

Me too. Two rides over past few weeks. Lost a 26miler (big loop), then three sisters (epic climb) for it not to save, or rather it credited me with a partial ride but I got the achievement badge??? I uploaded it to Strava manually so there we go. It is annoying though.

@Ava_Brown_Clancy_Bri @Russell_Bradbury @J_JC
A common thread I’m seeing among you three is that you’re all in the UK. It is possible that this might tie into an ISP issue we saw last week with members in the UK and Europe.

Let me ask:

  1. Which ISP do you use?
  2. Is it a cell or landline-based (fibre / cable / DSL) service?

We ask that you contact your ISP to let them know there may be routing issues to our servers hosted by AWS. There are some connectivity tests you can perform first so that they have specific IP address information they need to help from their end.

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