Zwift didn’t saved my ride totally

I did two rides yesterday. Last ride 1-lap volcano flat Zwift saved only 6,37km instead of 13km. Fortunatelly i manage to found saved file from my laptop and uploaded that full ride to Strava. Companion and myzwift shows only that 6,37km. Must be bug or how Zwift missed rest of my ride?.

Same issue for me. 6.7 km from 28km race. As result - no data for Zwiftpower

Before ECC Tron Tuesday ride rode 5km distace. This distance was saved. That’s ok. Next I joinded event 5-6 min the before the start of it.
Suddenly at the end of this event all ridders disappeared. Also there was no information that I finished event.
After saving activity I checked fit file. This file is empy, with no distance

This is a sign that you had a internet connection issue. you can use to look at your log file to see your connection and sensor status.

Ok, in the log file there is internet connection error information from about 1pm. But I started this event before 12am and in the fit file there is no data. I rode about 1 hour with no internet error

Can you post a picture of the internet connection from Zwiftalizer? it is a bit weird to have internet connection error 1pm if you started riding 12am. Or did you mean you started 12pm?

sorry, of course 12pm

Thanks, so it look like you lost connection just before the ride ended and therefore it was not saved.

what system do you use for Zwift. Do you use Wifi?

I use windows 10 and wifi

I would suggest if you can get a wired connection to your pc to do that so that you limit your dropouts.