Lost ride and zwifting on my own

(Stuart Ferguson ) #1


I was riding last night about 7.00pm on my own in a London loop and I mean there were no other zwifters at all riding at the same time! This is the second time I have ridden in zwift land on my own, so I am not sure if that in itself is relevant, however although I saved my ride, it has not appeared in my zwift history or in Strava. Help did it really happen?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

usually when you are alone within Zwift it is caused by an internet connection issue. Try restarting your modem and router to see if that resolves the issue. Also, make sure your Zwift app is up-to-date.

It could also be caused by Windows Defender: [Workaround] Zwift not saving rides/creating folders

(Stuart Ferguson ) #3

Thanks Paul,

I know the internet connection is fine, I guess it could be bandwidth my son was playing fortnite at the same time.

(Gerald) #4

Zwift definitely is the better game :wink:

(Glenn Bastian) #5

Happened to me today. Internet connection was interrupted and was riding Watopia all by myself. I down loaded the fit file from Zwift to get the 50 minutes that I rode until int shut off.

(Craig) #6

Same thing happened to me this afternoon. I climb all the way up Alp du Zwift. Everyone disappeared about 1 mile from the top. My Internet connection was fine and no one else was using it. Most of my ride is on the Zwift app but won’t upload to Strava.