Lost my entire ride when internet dropped

I just finished an awesome ride. During the ride I set a personal speed record, advanced to the next level, unlocked 3 achievements … until my wireless internet connection dropped. I didn’t think it was a big deal at first, because surely Zwift saves a local backup of the ride data if an internet connection can’t be established, right? WRONG! I lost all but the first 4km of the ride, well before I was able to move beyond my warmup and into my actual ride. You’d think that at the very least, when an achievement is unlocked or a leveling up occurs, Zwift would save that data … nope! I am sooooooooo mad about this!

Why on earth wouldn’t Zwift save a local version of the ride data (that’s probably bytes worth in information) until the next time it connects to the internet and is able to establish a connection with Zwift servers? This is a major oversight.

So now I have an incomplete ride with a fraction of the activity that won’t even load if I try to view it.

So brutal!

I take your point about it uploading after reconnecting to zwift servers. I agree but there might be some reason this shouldn’t happen.

There is a local fit file in your zwift folder for uploading to strava at least. Think it’s in documents > zwift > activities, try the one with the right date or the one that says incomplete (one of them should work).


I appreciate the offer, but this was on the Apple TV and that same article says:

Unfortunately, there is no way to access the local .fit file Zwift creates on your AppleTV if something goes wrong.

Another user posted that he was able to “recover” his ride after restarting his Apple TV and Zwift. But I have not been able to do this … anyone know how?

If it’s the post I’m thinking about didn’t he say it popped up with a message?

Yeah, that’s what he said. But I’ve never seen that message. I’m wondering if there’s a way to invoke it.

if you check my.zwift.com is the activity there?

Partially, but it won’t load because it’s incomplete data.

Seems Zwift does not sanitize uploaded FIT files, nor does it allow post-ride uploads (The feature has been asked for numerous times, including by yours truly.)

That’s simply they way things currently are.

Hi @dcolum23

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

If that happen and you keep riding you could try to restart your Internet modem, once the wifi is established you can quit and save.

It does work on Windows you can ride turn off internet and ride alone in Zwift, once you connect to the internet you will see all other riders and you can save.

I don’t think ATV let any app store data locally

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