Salvaging a ride with lost network connection?

(Gary) #1

Did 25 volcano laps today, and about halfway through, all the other people disappeared. I got achievements and a level-up locally, but it did not save to the zwift server when I quit. This is a bummer, as 25 laps isn’t the most exciting achievement to want to repeat, and I lost 100k toward the California challenge.
Logs look like network issues:
NETCLIENT:Failed to fetch seeds: [23] Could not acquire access token because credentials are missing
[13:45:59] NETCLIENT:UDP connection timeout (104 so far)

If I assume the hiccup is on my end, is there a way to recover while still riding? Like can i use the companion app for the upload? Or if I turn off/on wifi and can reach, should zwift be able to recover if it’s not a server issue?

It’s the first time it happened to me, but it makes me hesitant to do a longer ride for the purposes of a zwift badge. (for experience/challenges, i suppose i could quit immediately and re-start)

I’m assuming that there are no ways to reclaim the lost experience and achievements, so I’ll need to do the 25 laps again.

(Jesper) #2

In many cases Zwift will be able to recover from a temporarily dropped internet connection whole riding.

If you experience a problem it is wise to make sure that you have an active internet connection from your game computer/device before you exit the game because the game really cannot recover if the save/upload fails. If it does fail at the the final upload your progress recorded on will be the last successfully intermediate status of your ride - the game updates that every 10 minutes.