Zwift and Internet disruption

Having started a ride, my internet connection went down and all the other riders and leaderboards disappeared from the screen. This has happened before to me so I expected it but I know the internet was back working after a couple of minutes but the leaderboards and other riders didn’t reappear and at the end of the ride, I couldn’t save the ride. So my question, is this normal behaviour for Zwift? Once disconnected, that’s it until you quit and restart Zwift or should it automatically reconnect once the internet connection is restarted?

It should all come back when a connection is restored


I have had similar experiences in the past. It would appear that Zwift doesn’t always recover from a connection loss.


I was about 20 miles into the Bigger Loop route today when my internet dropped.
I waited about 10 minutes, still pedaling along with no other riders, hoping it would come back on.
It didn’t. I used my phone to login and reboot the modem, didn’t help. I called my ISP, and they said it would be another 2 1/2 hours for their estimated restoration time.
So, I enabled the hot-spot on my phone, switched over to the Settings menu on the AppleTV, connected to the hot-spot, and finished the ride.
Worked brilliantly. Got the Bigger Loop badge, it uploaded to Stava, all good.
Even joined and completed the Bo Bikes Zwift ride while on the hot-spot.