Recovering from network outage

I was doing a workout yesterday, when suddenly my internet connection went down. I know this as my music streaming stopped and ever other rider on Zwift suddenly disappeared as if being beamed up by Scotty (a different Scotty!)

Anyway, I was pleased that Zwift allowed me to continue my workout as if nothing had happened. But when the internet connection re-established itself (about 30 seconds later), my music streaming returned, but Zwift never recovered, and I spent the rest of my ride being Billy-No-Mates out on the road.

Is Zwift supposed to recover from an outage? I would expect it to suddenly return all the users around me (teleport them back) but this never happened. This was not an issue for me as I was cycling on my own, but if I was in a group ride or riding with friends, this would totally ruin the rest of the ride.

I take it backā€¦ yesterday I had some network outage again, and while Zwift did recover initially and magic back all the riders around me, eventually Zwift crashed and froze on me when it happened for the 3rd time in as many minutes.