Drop Out and Zwift

(Mike Mohrfeld) #1

Why can’t Zwift keep recording the metrics after a complete drop out?  There is no warning and you can keep riding and think everything is OK but then you get a partial file.  Why can’t the program work offline, since it still is displaying, and add to the FIT file?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Zwift does allow you to continue riding (and it keeps recording to the fit file) even when you lose internet connection.  You’ll just be riding in a mostly empty world until the network comes back.

There is a bug that some users hit where the entire screen locks up until the internet connection comes back - is that what is happening to you?


(Mike Mohrfeld) #3

I have seen the bug before but not this time.  Same thing happened to me today but I was able to reconnect even though I rode in the empty world but the good news is this time I got a full fit file.