Offline Mode

Hopefully I am not repeating, but I’d be remiss, I feel, if I did not at least try.

Just did a ride that did not upload because I lost my internet connection. I see the ride on my phone, but it did not upload to Strava for obvious reasons.

My recommendation is for Zwift to find some way to implement offline riding and be able to upload those offline rides once an internet connection is established. Also, I am recommending some type of protocol that enables rides started online but could not be uploaded due to a failed internet to be updated once the internet connection has reestablished. Think something akin to blockchain technology. Or…

Establish a partnership with Garmin that enables a user to log their ride through their Garmin device using sensor parameters. You could also pair this technology with live camera view of the rider performing the ride to prevent eloping or whatever people do.

Lastly, enable offline rides without the ability to get points or whatever other incentives you get from riding while connect to the internet. I cannot tell you how many times I have had completed rides that failed to upload for one reason or the other. Furthermore, I know this may not be in the interest of Zwift, but perhaps enable a way for offline rides to still be able to be uploaded to Strava.

Like this?

If you are NOT riding on ATV you can upload the fit file manually to Strava, TP - not to Zwift (or, for example, Polar Flow).
Riding offline is always possible, but you are alone (no draft, no racing). But you must reconnect again for saving at Zwift server.