That the rides upload properly

It’s great that you want to add features and maps but I would rather have a guarantee that the rides I do were not, sometimes, lost. the programme seems to have got flaky over that last few days.

Can you be more specific? Where is your ride data not making it to?

Sorry. I was just a little peeved this morning and the blood was still pumping at speed.

On Saturday I rode without issues for a while. Around half an hour into the ride the list of riders kept disappearing and then reappearing. When I finished my ride and tried to save it (PC on Windows 10 laptop. Very strong wifi) the blue circle just kept on spinning on the web page. After about 10 minutes I clicked the save button again as it was still showing the blue circle. When I went to my app, nothing was showing as a ride for that time. Looking at the .fit log, the full ride was shown so I could upload it to Strava but no Zwift activity showning. This morning (Monday) I had exactly the same issues with the other rider’s disappearing. Saved the ride and the blue circle just kept spinning. On my app I got a partial ride of 30ish minutes. Looking at the .fit file it had saved the whole of the ride so I could upload it to Strava manually uploading the file again. 

Apart from the frustration - sorry again! This means that my Zwift activity, totals and upgrades on my app will always be incorrect – although my .fit log files are available.

Tomorrow I will connect the laptop via an Ethernet cable and see if that helps. As part of my set up at home I invested in a dedicated wifi hub to ensure that the signal strength was excellent. The hub is used solely for my Zwift activity. The laptop is connected to the mains power and is powerful enough to run the software. I close all background programmes.


N M,

This is an issue with you your internet connection dropping or being unstable. You Wifi signal might have been strong, but the connection from the router to the internet was flaky. I would suggest doing a restart of the router and the modem (if they are separate devices) to see if that helps resolve the issue.

Thanks Paul

Just noticed that, although the partial ride from today is showing in “Activities” on my phone app (Android), there is no sign of it as time or distance in the “goals” section of the app. So my partial activity for today shows 9.3 miles and 30 mins in the app, the weekly time and distance bars show “0.0”.