Partial rides in

I did 3 laps of Watopia tonight (28KM) and when saving my ride I think my internet connection crapped out.

I was able to recover the ride in the activities folder and upload the .FIT file to Strava, but the dashboad on the portal still lists the ride as partial.

There doesnt appear to be an option to upload the .FIT file to resolve the ‘partial’ ride.

How can I ‘complete’ the ride in the portal?

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a disconnect between your computer and our server and it results in a partially uploaded Zwift ride (as opposed to the ride itself being completely lost).

Currently we do not have a way to manually complete the ride but are exploring this feature to add to our dashboard in the future.

thanks for the speedy response Eric!

Im just starting out with Zwift and was dismayed to see my efforts last night dont seem to be getting counted.

Anyway, ill keep my eyes out for the feature add.

Keep up the good work!

Hopefully this will be something that can be resolved. I’ve lost about 8 miles (not a lot, OK) as part of a ride today; possibly bonus XP for completing the FTP test accurately as well. =)

44% of my Zwift use has resulted in a partial ride. Please Zwift fix this!

I have had it happen 6 times and 3 of them have been cutoff at 10 min 7 sec… Now I know that once I see all the other riders disappear around me that it is going to be a partial ride… I have bought a new computer just to see if this is the issue and I still get the same problem… Please help!

My partial ride did not upload to Strava.  How can I do this after I have closed the ride.  I see it on but don’t know how to manually upload it to Strava.