Ride not recorded, on zwift it comes up as partial for 2 separate rides. both 45 minutes.

Not sure why, but after my workout, I go to click save ride and it doesn’t save, then I try to log back in and it says error connecting.  I have to swipe the app and then restart it to log in again, but my ride (both rides are completely gone.  I looked up my files and it says there are two partial rides.  My only thought is that I hit the home button by accident and had to get back into the Zwift app.  This occurred both times and I now recall that after I got back into the app and continued riding, that ALL riders disappeared!  So I’m assuming it was due to leaving the app and getting back in.  Am I always supposed to stay on the app screen?  Secondly, is there any way to recapture the full two workouts?  Both were 45 minutes and only captured a very small bit of the workout.  Frustrating. 

Keen to hear the answer as I’ve had similar issues.

This is a two part problem of cause and effect. Whenever all riders disappear, it’s a sign that you’ve lost your Internet connection (while this can occasionally be due to server issues, it’s not the case here) - see the linked article for suggestion on how to prevent this.

When you lose your Internet connection, Zwift can’t upload your fit file, so it shows up as partial. The article I just linked goes over how to get your local fit file, which you can then upload to Strava or whichever other third-party site you’d like. We can’t correct the one on your dashboard or restore any lost game progress, so do everything you can to ensure a solid Internet connection.