Partial Save?

I do not have my account linked with Strava and instead choose to download the file manually from the Zwift website. However when I went to download todays ride of 50km only a ride of 34.4km is available to download and the title is listed as “partial”. Any ideas?

I’ve had this, Zwift said it’s because my wifi signal dropped when it was uploading to zwift. If you look in the zwift folder on your pc you should find the full activity.

Thanks Ben!

I have the same problem with partial rides.  My account is linked to Strava but my last 2 rides failed to sync.  I uploaded from my Zwift folder but the island map doesn’t appear on Strava.


Strangely though it appears on the flybys.,oq+UFZ+0lBUVxZQV


Any idea if this is a Zwift or a Strava problem?

Here is a link to the knowledge base article about this.

Richard - all rides should post as virtual rides now in Strava and appear with the map. Hopefully all is good, but shoot our support desk a message if you’re having any more issues.  


Scott this happens all the time for me. 4 of 9 of my rides in Zwift are partial rides. I’ve never had this issue with TrainerRoad (and if I did their software accounted for it). When is Zwift going to take a good hard look at this section of code and do some re-architecture?