Ride is recorded, but didn't upload to Strava and is also saved as 'partial' on Zwift :-(

I just did my ride and it was saved and my FTP was even adjusted etc. Didn’t transfer it to Strava and when checking it on swift.com it was saved as ‘partial’ only 7 km instead of the actual 25 km. I already checked this blog: http://zwiftblog.com/retrieve-lost-ride/ but my activities/files on MacBook are completely empty… help???

i did a 2 hr ride yesterday, but it isnt even showing on my results as separate ride. It seems to have been included in my overall ride stats (at the top of the page next to pizza slice) but its really annoying that it seems hit and miss as to if the ride is going to show, and the analytics dont get provided.

I just completed a 52km ride, and it didn’t upload to my strava account. My ride last night worked seamlessly, but tonight’s ride isn’t showing up. Is there a way to recover it and upload stats as im kind of a Strava hound.
Thanks and other than this I am loving winter training on Zwift :wink:

My last 2 Zwift rides haven’t saved or didn’t upload to Strava.  The only thing has changed in the last couple of days was I bought and installed a new router to my system.  Is there any thought and/or advise what would have changed?

Same here. Yesterday and today rides not uploading to strava. I’ve not changed any settings so must be a bug. Logged a ticket with support so will wait and see.