Partial ride recorded and data not transferred to STRAVA

  1.  My last ride 6/12/17 registered as a partial ride at 9.6 MI and 290 FT of climbing.  I actually rode 15.4 MI and 1600 FT.  

How can I recover this ride?!?


  1. This same ride did not automatically save as it was intended to do so to STRAVA.  I waiting until this ride was saved before logging off.  

How do I now transfer this data to STRAVA?


Thank you,



  1. No, there is no way to manually upload to Zwift

  2. You should find a .fit file in \documents\zwift\activities then you can manually upload it is Strava.

The issue was more then likey caused by an internet connectivity issue on your end, it happened to me on Sunday.

Ugh!  Thanks a lot Paul…much appreciated! 

I ended up with a partial of 10.6 miles and 1,466 feet of elevation when the completed ride was 37.6 miles and 3,212 feet of elevation. 

That BLOWS!  Sorry to hear.  I would have been livid as well.

Come to think of it, you were on the local ride yesterday as well.  I remember you passing me up a few times and vice versa.  There were a handful of riders on this ride last night but at exactly 8:00 o’clock I was on a solo ride.  It’s as if all other riders had vanished!  I guessed everyone had logged off.

I live in Los Angeles, CA. 


Did your ride automatically upload to STRAVA unlike mine?

Nope, didn’t ride last night.

I had to manually upload Sundays ride to Strava.