Not saving ride, not uploading to Strava

Zwift rides have stopped being saved correctly on Zwift Mobile, shows correctly during ride but shows 0 miles, 0 distance, afterwards when you look at feed; also has stopped saving ride and uploading to Strave.  This seems to be an ongoing problem for over a year and i haven’t seen that it’s been corrected by Zwift because obviously it’s still happening.  Help, how do I correct this?


I would guess with all the partial rides on your feed that you are having internet/connectivity issues.

When you are using Zwift do you see other riders? 

What version is your Zwift client?

You might want to submit a ticket with your log files to Zwift:



you can manually upload the .FIT files to strava, this will mean that you have a partial record of your efforts


Strava has the facility to bulk upload and therefore can be of assistance in the time taken


I have had similar issues to you, but not so long.  Internet issues can occur though I suspect that since you can ride correctly that the general link is good with no missing riders