Offline Zwift Riding Using Apple Device

Hi all -

I started using Zwift a few months ago and am hooked! My challenge is that I regularly spent some time in a location without WIFI. I would like to continue my Zwift training programs while in that location. I know there is an ability to ride offline and then sync your stats once online again. However, I can not find any good, easy to follow instructions on how to set this up. I use a Mac computer/Apple phone.

If you have instructions on how to set up offline Zwifting for a non-techie using Apple products, please share them.

Thank you!

Use your phone as a WiFi hotspot and connect your Mac to that. This is how I do it, Zwift on Android tablet connected to phone. Zwift doesn’t use that much data when running, apart from the updates.

You cannot upload to Zwift, but you can download the fit file and upload manually to Strava or Garmin (Garmin seems sometimes not to accept the fit files from Zwift).

Don’t you actually have to be connected at the start of the ride, to load up some assets, and then again at the end of the ride, to save it? I was under the impression that this was required, though you could be offline between these two times.


my ethernet cable had pulled out of ATV today, was unable to get past the log-in page as zwift serves could not be found.