Combining offline and online biking for Zwift workouts

(Scott Donaldson (SCO/LAT)) #1

I’m currently doing the Zwift advanced winter workout. Some of the session are pretty long, and I would prefer to do them on my road bike outside, using my Powertap hub.


However, I would like to integrate the workout data online/ offline in Zwift, so I can see that I am meeting all the workout targets.

Can anyone advise me if this is possible? It would be a great help, otherwise my training data is fragmented.

Thanks for any advice received.



(Gerrie Delport) #2

Hi Scott,


It is not possible to load “offline” data to zwift. and I would not think that is the goal of Zwift. 

What you can do is upload all your training to Strava and keep a record there.

There is many options out there to keep track of training. 



(Scott Donaldson (SCO/LAT)) #3

Ok. Thanks for the tip.