Mixing Zwift races, Fondos and outdoor rides with training plans

As much as I love 90 minutes+ endurance rides in ERG modes, it is also fun to join a Fondo now and again and find a group riding in the target zone of the workout. It would also be fun to race every couple weeks for a good HIIT workout. And when the weather gets nice, I’d rather head out side a couple times a week, while still doing the shorter interval workouts on Zwift.

Would it be possible for Zwift to analyze data from a ride and match it to the closest workout in the weeks training plan by power and/or heartrate zones and give the user the option to count that ride as a completed workout when the match was close enough? For those of us who ride out bikes on vacation, this would be an alternative to the pause option.

Hi @Jim_Clifford,

I don’t know about analyzing rides from outdoors since they don’t already allow importing .fit files, but it seems that they could propose an optional event group ride or race to do instead of a planned workout. Also, you can check the “I did it” box on the lower right hand corner of the workout when viewing the full plan if you did another event that you want to count as your free ride day or whatever.

Thanks Mike. The “I Did It” box effectively allows us to do this, but I think Zwift’s training platform would improve a lot if they included this feature and made it possible to import fit files. It would become more of a year round tool for users and bring the social strengths of the game into a long offseason training plan.

Strava already accomplishes this at some level and the popularity of Strava is hard to compete with. I think Zwift should focus on enhancing the platform, expanding courses, new worlds, fixing racing, etc. before they try to emulate Strava.

I’m looking at TrainerRoad and feel like when I start a training plan I lose most of the big benifits of Zwift over that platform and don’t get the flexibility they’ve built into their indoor/outdoor training plans. Strava is something else completely, which Zwift does not need to replicate. But I’d like them to keep up with TrainerRoad so we’re not sacrificing training for the better visuals and social aspects.