Zwift talking to Strava

I’m using Zwift on an AppleTV and my Kinetic trainer paired with same. For my Zwift data to properly upload to my Stava App, do I need to also pair Zwift on my phone to my Kinetic when doing a ride?



No, you just need to connect Zwift to Strava:


Thanks so much Paul. I hadn’t dug deep enough in the web interface. Much appreciated.


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Also Paul, I’m assuming then I’ll need to pair my phone to my Kinetic so Zwift will send data to the Garmin and Strava apps on the phone, since neither of those apps can reside on the AppleTV device.

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Nope, they will sync with Garmin’s and Strava’s data online. Just link Zwift to them and your rides will show up online and in the phone apps.


Ok, thanks Paul. Both those apps are now linked. I’ll how it works tomorrow. I’ll grab a device and see if it’s retroactive now…

Only rides/runs on Zwift AFTER you make the connection will sync, you will have to manually upload any previous activities.

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occasionally sfor some reason Zwift has not connected to Strava,

iv e also needed to do a manual upload

find the workout in, download then manually upload that file to Zwift.

I have my Apple Watch also connected to Strava ( so it can log my other non-swift activities)
If I use my Apple Watch on Zwift, to jeep my health app informed, it sends a duplicate “indoor cycle” to Strava, I just manually delete these. ( its a pity strata doesn’t see its a ( non gps/distance) duplicate.)