Offline Mode?

Had an area Internet outage yesterday.   Wanted to do a Zwift session, but obviously couldn’t connect.

Has there been any talk of an offline mode?   Even a minimal track, basic grpahics, that could be stored locally?   No need to save stats, just something basic to ride during an outage?

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I agree that there should be an offline mode. Check out my thoughts in the previous offline mode thread.

If you could get just a basic virtual route and get your sensor reads and follow a workout, that would be great.

Internet connection is required for gaming but working out should be available without it.

Technically you can ride Zwift offline. You just need to start and finish connected to the internet. I travel a lot and sometimes where I stay they only give you a small amount of bandwidth. I just start zwift then disconnect from the internet. Do my workout then at the end to save my ride, connect back to the internet. This uses very little bandwidth. No other riders, no stats but you clean up and win all the jersies :slight_smile: