Offline Ride

I have a smal wish… if my internet is broken at home and i want to train… i need a offline zwift… is this possible? If i start zwift and cut my internet it works… after the session i can load it up by connecting my internet. Please check this point to create… it can not be so possible… Thanks

Welcome @Michael_Lange. This would be a major change for Zwift, the route you ride/run is downloaded as you progress. There are other platforms which have offline riding.

Michael, you pointed out correctly that once you start your ride you can disconnect your internet and connect again before you save your ride. The ride itself will work as usual, only without the other zwifters, that’s the only difference.

When you have no internet connection to start Zwift maybe a workaround with your mobile phone would help - try to establish a mobile hotspot with your mobile data connection. I’ve used this several times when my internet at home didn’t work, but I’m afraid I don’t recall the necessary steps to do it. Maybe you find a good instruction on google?

I knew this procedure… had done so far. I’m glad Zwift is a community. Nevertheless, thank you for the tip. Zwift still has great potential. What else burns on my mind? Please… please design the MTB better… :slight_smile:

‘Design the MTB better’. What, in your mind, would make the MTB better? Not contributing any thoughts on this leaves it open to someone designing what they feel is ‘better’.