Offline mode when can’t connect

There have been lots of requests for an offline mode so Zwift is still usable in some limited capacity even when there is no access to servers.

With the recent outages, this would at least allow users to do something rather than get changed and not be able to use the service at all.

It’s annoying enough not to be able to participate in an event and much, much more so that you can do nothing. We pay for the service to be able to use it, not get frustrated when it won’t connect.

Really surprised after requests date back to 2015 for this feature that it’s not been implemented. Any reason why not?

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yes - i would love to have an offline mode too. My internet is not 100% reliable.

I work Off-shore with a v-sat connection and limit bandwidth. Offline mode would be very helpful.


When the internet is down…i ride veloreality.

And when it stops working during workout?

Yes, there should be offline button. It happens that I loose connection (for a few seconds) and Zwift doesn’t reconnect. This is annoying, especially in group rides.

Button with online/offline would be nice.