Offline mode (help out military deployment workouts)

(Erik Reynolds) #1

Is there any consideration for making an offline mode to support deployed military who can’t access Zwift while deployed? I’m in the Navy and would love to be able to Zwift while I’m underway, but unable to access the internet with my personal computer. I would be more than willing to pay for the months in advance if this would be possible.

(Hamid Abugideiri) #2

Great idea.  Obviously you wouldn’t be able to ride against anyone but perhaps have the option to upload your stats/ride to Zwift once you get back online, similar to Strava’s tcx files.  As strange as it sound, not everyone has internet access around the clock nor around the world, for that matter.  I now ride (because my wife got tired of seeing all my gear in the living room :wink: in my workshop which doesn’t have internet access and forces me to connect via my mobile hotspot.  It would be nice to be able to ride on days I don’t have access though.  Definitely yes!!!

(power ups are for weaklings) #3

this would be great.

while you would not be able to ride with others around the world, perhaps a local mode could allow you to ride with others on your local area network.