Zwift doesn’t save most of my rides

I am getting crazy, using Zwift on my iPad and it doesn’t save most of my rides, neither on Zwift not on Strava. This is getting on my nerves…

Hi @Christian_Heinis welcome to Zwift forums

If your sessions are don’t saving properly it’s most likely because there’s an internet interruption at the tend of your session. This support hub article will explain in more detail.

If your internet connection is interruped in the middle of the ride - you can continue riding, but you’ll be temporarily disconnected from the server. Should this happen, all of the avatars will disappear and you’ll be riding with nobody around. Did you see that during your problem rides?

If you are a tech savvy sort, you can verify what’s happening with the WiFi and Bluetooth signal by uploading your log files to This is a third party site. Instructions for locating your log files are here.

Lastly these are tips to improve your internet connection. Would you let us know how this works out?