Connection issues - help

Hi guys
I’m mid way through a race now and had a message that connection had dropped.
However, my timer, power and bike remained connected throughout

My placing has disappeared (not bothered about this) but I wanted to store my power details and have it on my records - is there any solution please?


You’ve lost the internet connection to Zwift’s servers. As long as you get that back for when you’re saving, it will save ok. So don’t save it until you see the other riders come back again.

Oops - too late! They never did return after another 30 mins of riding
No problem, but thanks so much for your kind response

Hi Daniel,

You may still be able to get your ride information and upload it to a third party site like Strava or Garmin.

This Support article has steps for recovering the .fit file from your ride if you need it. once you have that you can manually upload it so that you still have a record of it and can view your breakdown.

If you have any issues with it, please let us know.