Failed to Login. Check internet connection

yeah I’m back in, just can’t get my companion app to sync now!

Hey all - please let us know:

  1. The country where you’re located
  2. Which ISP you’re using
  3. Is this a cellular data, or landline (fiber / cable / DSL) connection?

We’ll continue to monitor this thread for your reports.


Sky broadband

I‘m using Zwift. Since yesterday it‘s not working anymore. When I try to connect:
. it takes very long, to get to the login windows at all
. After ages it comes back and tells me, that I‘m logged in, but no roads are available
. Sometimes I can login, if I try again and again

My Internet connection is ok.



Same issue than other zwifters. Companion app takes ages to start up or it doesn’t. Internet connection is ok at home since other devices have no issues.

It doesn’t work either landline or mobile connections.


  1. Please check your ability to reach our servers.
    Look for the results in the US-West-2 region (Oregon).
    Image 001
    Is everything green check mark? If no - please note which IP Prefix and IP address do not pass.

  2. Please contact your ISP with this information and ask their help to ease traffic to Amazon AWS.

  3. Lastly - please let us know what your ISP’s response. We need this information so we can ask for AWS’s help from our end.



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  1. UK Scotland
  2. Vodafone
  3. Fibre broadband

All green ticks for me too on the server page.

Many thanks. :blush:

Llevo varios días usando la aplicación sin problema y estos dos últimos días no he podido ingresar.
Ni desde el movil ni desde el pc.
Todas las revisiones están bien, internet password, etc.

Favor solucionar el problema cuanto antes. Ya que no es problema de conexión, es de los servidores de zwift.


Did you do the test the Shooj suggested above.

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Hi, the test is ok in all server.
El test es exitoso en todos los servidores.

What does it show for US-West-2 region (Oregon)?

@Gerrie_Delport.The test is ok in all server.

@JOHN_ANDREY_RADA you aren’t checking the correct area.

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El test es inmediato para todos los servidores. Ok
Para us west2 oregon es lento.
Se demora en realizar el test.
Yo me conecto desde Colombia.

It should look like this:

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@Mike_Rowe_PBR @Paul_Allen

Can you log into Zwift now?

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Desde el movil No permite ingresar, se queda allí

Desde el pc No permite tampoco, error

From the PC do you get ALL Green check marks?