Ride With Reason - Climb for Costa: No progress

(H Nordlander) #1

Just did >400m of climbing with the challenge activated. (ATV)
Got no progress what so ever.
Even checked on a PC after…no progress on the Costa-bar.
Known bug or?

(Maarten Geijsberts) #2

There is a topic with some other riders who have the same issue:

Maybe post yours there also. Did a ride yesterday but haven’t checked it yet. But if more people are having the same thing, the team at Zwift has some work to do…

(H Nordlander) #3

Done, thx! :slight_smile:

(Russell Ashford V-Sprint MMH) #4

I’ve got the same issue, at least I know it’s not me.:joy:

(Mark Guthrie) #5

Me too :roll_eyes:

(Lisa Stone) #6

Same here with a ride >400m today. After saving ride, logged back in and still no progress for the Climb for Costa challenge.

(Stewart Bennett) #7

Where do you click to join the ride for reason?

(Tyler Smith) #8

Same issue!!

(Maarten Geijsberts) #9


On your main screen there should be a button in the red cirkle. I already clicked on it, so my button changed in a graph.

(Sven Ramspott) #10

same issue.

(Robert Bennett 🚀) #11

Same here, came here to see if it was a known bug…

(Internaut Jones) #12

… same here!

(James Stegeman LakeConroeTX) #13

Same for me. No progress showing since yesterday. Did 550 m climbing.

(Rhett Smith ) #14

Same problem with me too, and I noticed a few people I was riding with already had the shoes on.

(Stewart Bennett) #15

Mine looks like yours… no red button an no way to no progress listed. I have no communication that I am “good to go” for this.

(Holtehero) #16

Same issue, progress bars remain empty though I have done a ride which should have completed the ride for Costa activity

(Kevin Brown) #17

I have the same issue.

(Simon Goss Team LSF) #18

Yeah its a known bug… they’re sorting it and our rides will get credited.

(D Stankard) #19

Yup, me too. Using AppleTV.

(Tim Wollinga) #20

Same for me on windows!