Ride With Reason - Climb for Costa: No progress

(John Morgan) #21

Me too.
It recorded my first day. Nothing since. Just did box hill and bar hasn’t moved.
On Apple TV 4K.

(R Nicholson (1944)) #22

I’ve had the opposite effect. Everything I did added to the advancement of all challenges except the group ride. Finished everything in 2 days.

(David Merry (Free-Flite)) #23

I’m having the same problem. Climbed 1900ft this morning and it’s not registering on the challenge.

(Vincent W.) #24

Hey all, in case you did not get a chance to see this post:

So all properly saved cycling activities should count towards the first week of progress. This means free rides and workouts count towards distance and elevation, but if you didn’t have a proper save (i.e. you rode less than 2 km and/or your network dropped or something and it was only a partial save) they won’t see that progress. So, week 1 credit should be updated. Weeks 2-4 should have NO progress.

(Sven Ramspott) #25

All fine now. Thnx for your Support.

(Cees Snoek Zhr (C)) #26

Hi, i have the same issue today, climbing km not added to Everest challenge? Or is that sometimes delayed?