Ride with reason

(Robert Horrocks) #1

Received email telling of the ride with reason challenges, do l have to sign up somewhere,if so where ?

(Kevin Brown) #2

Details are here: https://zwift.com/news/9263-ride-with-reason/

(Robert Horrocks) #3

Thanks for the reply but the link is the email I received . How do I participate in these challenges , it does not say in the article.

(Paul Allen) #4

You will be able to join the events starting the 5th, it is usually on the screen where you choose the course you want to ride.

(Robert Horrocks) #5

Thanks , I understand . I just wish it was made clear in the article.

(Stephen Goodall) #6

There seems to be an error with the dates, after a ride today it has come up that I have finished 3 of the 4 activities, even though 2 of those shouldn’t have started yet.

(Clinton Jonas) #7

I joined the challenge, it gave me credit for my first ride after joining but I rode again yesterday and I wasn’t given any credit towards the challenge.
Anyone else having this problem??

(Ricky Dee Wbr) #8

This is being covered in another thread, lots of people with the same issue:

(Vincent W.) #9

From Ride with Reason progress?

(D Stankard) #10

Another issue, for me, was the challenge showed up, but it just had a big orange button with no text, no explanation. Finally clicked on it, and that revealed the progress bars that don’t work correctly. Something simple like “Click here to join” would be super helpful.

(Vincent W.) #11

This is a text bug that’s been addressed by our Quality Assurance team. :slight_smile: