Ride with a Reason Part 3 ended early?

(Kirk Preston) #1

I was working on Ride with a Reason week three and completed a ride the night of the 25th that should have given me well over 1,000 calories total. Strangely, the progress went towards my week 4 goal, which didn’t start until the next day. Is there a way to correct this so that I don’t miss out on completing week 3? Thanks.


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey @Kirk_Preston_C sorry to hear this! This was most likely a timezone issue. I’ll investigate to get you credited, but also make sure you let us know if you finish Stage 4!

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #3

Every challenge so far has been an issue for me. The first challenge (which was the one I really wanted to do to get those cool shoes) I was like 100 ft from the goal, and I thought I met it with the last ride for the week and then some. The second week, I completed a group ride, it never counted. Didn’t try again because I honestly was still miffed from week one. The third week, I specifically got on last night to get that last 90 kcal that I was missing, same thing, counted miles towards this week but didn’t count for week 3, even though it was like 7pm in my timezone. I am expecting that I’ll hit the week 4 miles, and anything over could count against my goal, and show I was riding backwards for the week. My reward for failing all four challenges will be that I am stuck wearing an in-game kit consisting of cut off jeans and a mesh half shirt with “Zwift Team Building 1993” written across the back. And high tops for shoes. With a mullet. Knee high socks with blue and yellow stripes, not white but grungy gray. Kind of like the kit I wear now in my pain cave, so I’m not really complaining too much.

(E. W. 937) #4

Hi Vincent W.,

I had the same issue, could you check for me as well? I never received the Tour of New York kit either. Is this possibly a settings issue on my side? Thanks for your help.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #5

Hey mate, I was ill on Sunday so couldn’t do the 400 or so calories I had left. Can you just give me them anyway? :smiley:

(Kirk Preston) #6

I did finish the fourth part of the series but still don’t have credit for part 3, so I didn’t get the jersey. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.