Ride with Reason progress?

(Klas Jansson) #1

I clicked yes to enter the “Ride with Reason”-program before my last ride, since then I have seen nothing about it.

Isn’t there some way to see, what the goal for the week is and how my progress toward that is?

Ride with reason
Ride With Reason - Climb for Costa: No progress
(Maarten Geijsberts) #2

I clicked yes to enter and it gave me this screen:

I’m riding tomorrow and I presume that when I have finished, the next time I’ll login the first bar will show my progress for this week. The second bar for next week, and so on… The bars are in the right order.

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #3

You can see more information about what’s required for each charity here: https://zwift.com/news/9263-ride-with-reason/

We are working to add more data to the progress UI in game as well.

(Maarten Geijsberts) #4

Indeed and thanks for adding extra data. But the page doesn’t tell how Zwift shows the progress to the rider. Maby a tip for next time, so people like @Klas_Jansson don’t have to ask the question?

For me it was unclear as wel, but I’m a person who likes to ‘discover’…

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #5

Agreed, we can (and will) certainly improve how progress is communicated to the user for these types of programs.

(Klas Jansson) #6

OK, thanks - I didn’t see that yesterday and it seems it is only there when you log in again and start a new ride - I don’t get it, if I skip the pairing process to just go and view stuff in the menu or check my training plan… Maybe just adding the data to my.zwift.com would be a good idea, so it is accessible somewhere?

Another thing is, now that I found it, it seems to be counting up for the other weeks as well already:

(Maarten Geijsberts) #7

So if you are riding a lot this week, it is possible to achive all the goals in the first week? That couldn’t be the intention?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #8

I rode the Hilly Loop yesterday, and was disappointed not to get any confetti upon hitting the climbing goal.

(Klas Jansson) #9

Yeah - not so much as a message about it. I didn’t even discover, that I made the goal until I saw the shoes in my collection.

( Double A) #10

Confused by this as well…

(i van) #11

I managed to get 3 unlocks yesterday. One more group ride and the jersey will be unlocked. It seemed like each reward was going to be offered during a week over the course of four weeks… but hey, I’ll take the rewards if they’re givin’ 'em out :slight_smile:

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #12

We are working to fix a few bugs with the program including the ones mentioned above (all 4 stages counting concurrently and awarding unlocks too early).

For those who have unlocked items early, don’t worry … they are yours to keep. All we ask is that you keep Zwifting to help us hit our giving goals for November even though you unlocked some things early.

But you were going to keep Zwifting anyway right? :wink:

(Maarten Geijsberts) #13

Thanks for fixing it :+1:. And yes, I will continu Zwifting and will succeed in reaching the given goals!

(Owen Hazelby) #14

Will (or even do?) group workouts or races count towards the “group rides” requirement?

(Victor Moldoveanu) #15

I just finished a training session from “Build me up” program, 1 hour + 30 mins freely in the same session with a total of 424 elevation gain. But the progress on the first challenge is still at 0. Do the training sessions count or i need to ride normal/group ride/race?

(Ricky Dee) #16

Similar question… on Tuesday I did the McCarthy Special workout and that counted towards the goal (all of them actually, but that’s already been covered). Today I did SST (short) which should have comfortably pushed me over the goal, but there appears to be no impact on any of them

(Lada Kodet (Lbs Sport)) #17

Hello, I rode a two rides today evening, at all 498 + 234 meters of climbing.
NO SINGLE point to the progress of this week goal.
What is wrong? I agreed the main screen, seen the progress bars, but… nothing happend.

(Raving Cyclist) #18

I wish they wouldn’t implement things like this a create problems and confusion. Makes you wish you hadn’t signed up for it. Zwift is a totally awesome experience but doesn’t need things like this distracting from it.

(Lada Kodet (Lbs Sport)) #19

For me it’s a opportunity to go on the bike. The laziness is powerful thing… :smiley:
Sure, the legs also want ride… If they are rested.

(H Nordlander) #20

Just did >400m of climbing with the challenge activated. (ATV)
Got no progress what so ever.
Even checked on a PC after…no progress on the Costa-bar.
Guess Zwift-HQ disabled it while looking into the “unlocking-later-weeks-to-early”-bug…?