Ride with reason group rides - does "E" count?

(Kevin Ct) #1

Hi, I usually prefer to do the E class rides when I do group. Do these structured workout rides count toward the ride with reason second achievement?


(Fez Rockbottom) #2

I am wondering the same thing. I did a recovery group ride this morning with ZSG (lots of fun) classified as a ‘C’ ride but it didn’t seem to count towards the Qhubeca group ride count.

(Kevin Ct) #3

well i just did a race and it didn’t count toward the goal. more vagueness from zwift.

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey Kevin, this is an issue that our internal teams are currently investigating. I’ll update everyone as soon as I receive new information!

(Scott Mc Donald) #5

Likewise - I participated in a group ride this morning. After completing the ride, there was no progress in the progress bar. A few hours later my wife participated in a group ride and her ride counted. Go figure. We are using ATV 4th gen.

(Barb Jaeger) #6

A similar question was asked in another topic (attempting a link):

Ride with Reason progress thread

Only group rides count, not group workouts or races, per Wes from Zwift

(Lenny Benny) #7

I did a Group ride yesterday that was on the Zwift website as being a ride for Qhubeka (Zwift Academy Top-End Tuning) had issues with BLE sensors dropping out and wattage getting stuck.
Long story short the ride has NOT shown up on the Qhubeka Ride for a Reason Tally board. Am just about to do second ride this morning - see if I have better luck