Ride with reason group rides - does "E" count?

Hi, I usually prefer to do the E class rides when I do group. Do these structured workout rides count toward the ride with reason second achievement?


I am wondering the same thing. I did a recovery group ride this morning with ZSG (lots of fun) classified as a ‘C’ ride but it didn’t seem to count towards the Qhubeca group ride count.

well i just did a race and it didn’t count toward the goal. more vagueness from zwift.

Hey Kevin, this is an issue that our internal teams are currently investigating. I’ll update everyone as soon as I receive new information!

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Likewise - I participated in a group ride this morning. After completing the ride, there was no progress in the progress bar. A few hours later my wife participated in a group ride and her ride counted. Go figure. We are using ATV 4th gen.

A similar question was asked in another topic (attempting a link):

Ride with Reason progress thread

Only group rides count, not group workouts or races, per Wes from Zwift

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I did a Group ride yesterday that was on the Zwift website as being a ride for Qhubeka (Zwift Academy Top-End Tuning) had issues with BLE sensors dropping out and wattage getting stuck.
Long story short the ride has NOT shown up on the Qhubeka Ride for a Reason Tally board. Am just about to do second ride this morning - see if I have better luck